Ruby Sage Splendor (219)

Rs.3,699 Rs.4,499

Atrangi Clothing Introduces Our Eid Collection 23,Red embroidered dresses for women are a beautiful and timeless fashion choice. To get the perfect look, you'll need to pay attention to the details. To start, choose a dress fabric that will stand out with the bright red colour. Cotton blend fabrics are best for creating a soft, elegant look; choose a more structured silhouette if you want to add sharpness and definition. A scoop or v-neckline can help center the embroidery, and make sure to select a dress length that will showcase the colour and design. Adding straps or cap sleeves adds structure and enhances the embroidery further. When it comes to the embroidery, you can opt for a traditional floral pattern or a more modern design. Consider adding 3D or sparkly elements for a touch of vibrancy. With the right fabric and design, you will create a stunning look that will turn heads.

 Summer Lawn, Cotton Embroidered Jacket Shirt + Trouser


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