2 Piece Black Velvet Embroidery Nida Yasir Dress (CC 402)

Rs.5,999 Rs.7,899


The 2-Piece Black Velvet Embroidered Dress is a stunning and sophisticated ensemble that effortlessly combines elegance and luxury. This dress is designed to make you shine at special occasions and events.

In classic black, this dress exudes timeless beauty and versatility. The intricate embroidery adds a touch of opulence, elevating the overall aesthetic of the dress.

Crafted from high-quality velvet fabric, this dress offers a luxurious and comfortable fit. The two-piece set includes a top and a skirt, providing versatility and options for styling.

The dress features a flattering silhouette that enhances your natural curves while ensuring ease of movement. The black velvet and embroidery create a glamorous and upscale look, making it perfect for formal events, galas, or upscale parties.

Make a statement and embrace the luxury with this 2-Piece Black Velvet Embroidered Dress, and captivate the spotlight at your next special occasion.

Shirt Detail: Stitched Velvet Dress Sequence Maroon Embroidery,

                       Organza Embroidery Patched  
                       Shirt Length 43 Inches

Colour: Black


Shirt Fabric: Fine 9000 Micro Velvet

Bazu: Embroidered 

Trouser: Same Velvet Black

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